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Democracy and Sustainability. Global Perspectives on Interrelations.

To kick off the new Learn2Change project on "Democracy and Sustainability", an online discussion will take place on 24.06.2021. We have invited two speakers for this:
Dr. David Löw Beer, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Germany will discuss the relationship between democracy and sustainability in general and in particular on the example of the socio-political and ecological transformation process such as the coal phase-out in the German region of Lusatia.
Claudia Gimena Roa from the Fundaexpresión, Colombia will give examples from Colombia to show how closely democracy and sustainability are linked and mutually dependent. Through interactive elements, all participants will have the opportunity for direct exchange with each other and with the speakers.
More information: Sarah Laustroer,
Zeitraum: 24.06.21, 15:00 Uhr bis 24.06.21 18:00 Uhr
Normal: Keine Angabe
Buchbar bis 24.06.21
Seminarnummer: DAT-15299


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